Positivity Everywhere 4 – Mr. Taitt & His Show

Name: Phil Taitt
Age: 21
Name of your show: The Phil Taitt Show
Q: Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.
A: My name is Phil Taitt. I’m a Brooklyn bred native with a Bajan father and a British mother which has created quite a mix! I am currently studying Public Relations and Advertising at St. Francis College and expect to complete my studies this winter. I love to enjoy my life, the people within it and everything that really counts.
Q: Tell us a little bit about what it is that you do.
A: So I am the host of The Phil Taitt Show. The basis of the show is to find unique people with unique stories who have done amazing things in art, entertainment, media, politics and socially as well. We currently see Jay Z and Beyoncé who are some of the few faces of pop culture who are noted as the pinnacle of success but we set out on a mission to find the Jay Z’s of Business and the Beyonce’s of Marketing. By doing this we show various individuals in various jobs and positions. We show how cool they are, how needed they are and just how important as well! Our goal is to simply inspire by highlighting some of the hottest movers and shakers around us!
Q: How did you know that this was something that you wanted to pursue?
A: I really didn’t know this was something I wanted to do. When I went into college I knew that I wanted to be a funeral director and that I wanted to be a business owner. I think that by me taking classes, meeting positive people in other fields, it got my mind rolling. I had taken a film production class and it reminded me how much I loved being on camera. But then when my brother Kareem Cooper and I got together and thought about doing something long term we developed the basis of the show.  We knew this was something we wanted to really push and pursue!
Q: Who or what would you say is your biggest motivator?
A:  I would say my biggest motivator is myself. I am my biggest motivator! You are your own Manager/PR/Agent at all times ! Your the only one that can want to get yourself back up when down, past anyone’s motivation to you. I think that’s really it ! You have to constantly be reaching and not settle for the success you’ve made but really try to surpass it time and time again. Enjoy your moments but only you can make yourself want to reach for more ! It starts with you putting in the work 365 days each year !
Q: What about inspiration?
A: I think I would have to say my parents ! Both my parents have invested ALOT in me for which I’m forever thankful! They’ve worked hard and I know what I have to do! They have showed me what I am to do and that is to be successful at whatever you choose to do! Be successful in small goals and be successful in long term goals.
Q: What have you learned thus far in terms of your show and other accomplishments?
A: What I have learned thus far in terms of The Phil Taitt Show is that anything is possible when you work with positive people and believe. When Kareem and I came up with the concept of the show we were just in school with some cameras and hoped for the best. To see this happen a little over a year later just shows me if you keep striving and continuously work hard,that you can achieve anything ! Just have faith and believe !
Q: What is it that you hope to accomplish with your show?
A:What we hope to accomplish to simply inspire people as we are inspired. To get up, to get moving and to really be successful ! I think when you don’t forget the main goal the product will never get old because there will always be something new to bring to it ! Of course, larger platforms and to be syndicated on a broader spectrum to reach more people!
Q:Name one or two major highlight(s) from your show.
A: I think 2 major highlights of the show was interviewing Kurt Angle and interviewing Brandy! Both were both turning points of the show. To interview Kurt Angle, a wrestling legend who was and still so popular really moves you. To even interview him for a few minutes really touched me. Interviewing Brandy was another major highlight, she was the dream guest to interview and my dream came true! I still can’t believe that it happened but I know that it surely did happen!
Q: You recently did an interview with Grammy award winning singer/actress Brandy. Tell us a little about that. How was it? Any favorite moments? Were you nervous?!?
A: Words still can’t describe that experience. She was the kindest person that I have ever met! Real, personable, authentic and so humble before and after the cameras came on! She was my personal dream guest to have so you could only imagine how elated I was in the inside! What I think The Phil Taitt Show family and I shared with her was something like never before! I think my favorite moment were the kind words of inspiration that she gave me and when I sang for her ! I sang for her after the interview and the room stood still for a moment. I couldn’t believe that her eyes began to water as I sang to her ! Who would expect a reaction from a mega star such as herself ! A memory I won’t forget !
Q: Now that you’ve done an interview with Brandy, which I couldn’t even imagine how awesome that must have been, who would be the dream person for you to interview and why?
A: Personally, I think my next dream guest would be Serena Williams. I think she is a well respected tennis player but not respected enough from where she came from and how much she overcame. Her story can have such an impact coming from playing on the concrete courts of Compton to chasing history of surpassing Steffi Graf’s Grand Slam record. Those stories reach and touch home for me!
Q: Besides hosting a TV Show, do you have any other passions? If so, what are they?
A: I do! I love to sing ! I’m normally singing all the time ! I do love to perform but one thing at a time !
Q: A young black man, making so many strides toward success is something to be extremely proud of. What advice would you give to other young men who are struggling between the path of prosperity and the path of destruction?
A: I would say to any young man that you create your own destiny and it starts with you ! Destruction doesn’t really create anything but more destruction. But doing right always opens up the door of opportunity which will take you to greater heights that even you thought were unimaginable ! Lastly align yourself with people who are not talking about success but striving for success. People with goals always rub off on others and make you want to strive even harder ! Your conversations will change, your mindset will change,and you will change for the better!

Anything else that you want to add?
On behalf of the show we would just like to take a moment and say thank you to those who supported and watched since day one ! Thank you for your comments and kind words, they haven’t gone unrecognized! 

Where can we find you?
Email Phil Here
Facebook for The Phil Taitt Show

Twitter for The Phil Taitt Show / Phil’s Personal Twitter
Instagram For The Show
/ Or His Personal IG

Btw guys check out Phil’s interview with Brandy down below

xoxo Cielo.

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